What people say about The Fabulous TT

Here`s what people are saying about Tish

"Compared by many to Dudley Moore and Victoria Wood, Tish Tindall will captivate you with true stories about her life with Robert Burns, David Gest & Michael Jackson, her ambition to become the next Bond Girl and her infectious desire to make a difference in the world!

Dear Mr Cowell…you couldn't make it up! She is a uniquely talenter writer, watch out Lloyd Webber"

Richard Smith

1st Call Agency, London


"It is my absolute pleasure to be able to write a professional testimonial for Tish Tindall. I have known Tish in an educational capacity for a number of years now and have always found her to be professional, engaging and delightful. Throughout my vast experience of monitoring teaching & educational standards across Scotland I have seldom met a teacher with such fervent commitment to high quality, multifaceted inclusive pedagogy and student centred learning.

Tish's portfolio of achievements is impressive, to say the least, and despite the numerous activities that she is responsible for and engaged in, she does not fail to commit to the ongoing support and guidance of each and everyone of her students.

As a result of her unfailing commitment to her teaching practice her students thrive under her tutelage. As both an educator and the head of institute at the Lossie Entertainment Academy, Tish is an embodied metaphor for all that vocational learning and achievement should be. She is a pioneer in creative industries education and it is my professional belief she should be recognised as such."

Chris Kidd MSc - Freelance Education Consultant & National Standards Verifier, United Kingdom


"Tish helped me to improve my vocal technique so although my range may not be the biggest I am confident to stand on stage and give it my all. An incredible musician and an even better tutor."

Luke Cockram (AKA Robert Burns), RA UK


"Tish introduced me to the world of English-language musicals and helped me ipso facto to expand my artistic knowledge, my stylistic sensitivity and, crucially, my vocal range, at both ends of the spectrum. Tish represents talented musicianship combined with discipline and joie de vivre. Scotland, Britain and, for that matter, Iceland too are better places thanks to her​"

Professor Giorgio Baruchello, Iceland


"Tish Tindall is one of the most talented, convincing, performers I have seen for a very long time. Her incredible musical ability appears effortless on stage. She is at ease in any role and any era. A musical about a’ heaven-taught’ ploughman written by a divine talent from Aberdeenshire - this is no coincidence..”

Diane Aspinall, Director of Dance, Rock Academy UK


"Tish has made me not only a better performer but a more informed performer...”

Callum McLeod, RA UK


"It's hard to undo a lifetime of not believing in oneself. Tish on the other side had a realism and sheer input in every way that meant there was only ever going to be one outcome - I WAS going to sing, that's it, no other possibility. And I did. Perhaps not in a talented way, but in a way that made it seem to me as natural as any other human trait - like walking, and I guess that's her unique ability, one of her many talents as a teacher, composer, writer,singer, and as a unique person.."​

John Sharp, Scotland


"Tish’s passion and musical talent is infectious; it’s there for all to see, whether you're one of her students or working alongside her, you cannot help but be inspired and know you are a part of something very special."

Paul Andrews

Senior Producer, Pummie Productions, Nottingham


"I have never come across anyone quite like Tish. The way she teaches is so unique yet so very effective!"

Jemima Lesley, RA UK


"Tish Tindall is one amazing multi-talented lady with an exceptional creative flair and endless enthusiasm.  She had the vision to take forward an original idea by Michael Jackson and David Gest and turn it into something spectacular.  She’s also a really nice person!."

Alison C Tait, Kilmarnock


"TT's unique style of teaching has made me believe in my own abilities and has improved my technique hugely. She also teaches the importance of building up the people around you aswell as yourself. She is an inspiration and one of the most kind hearted people I've met!"

Charlotte Nicol, RA UK


"Tish was not only my vocal coach when I was younger, she has been an inspiration and great, great friend over the years. She has an amazingly enthusiastic, and undeniable energy and a great passion for musical theatre! Her fabulous vocal tuition, started me well on my way to a future career in musical theatre and I am so very excited to welcome The Fabulous TT to Dubai.”

Lisa Marshal, Principal, Diverse Performing Arts School, Dubai


"Tish is so very talented"

Rachel Engelmann, RA UK


"Tish's methods of teaching are unique and brilliant..”

Alex Mcgettrick, RA UK


"Being a part of one of Tish's singing classes is an experience you won't get anywhere else. She also teaches the importance of supporting your fellow performers - you KNOW that if you step on stage with Tish or with someone she has taught, you are not alone. They will have your back, whatever happens!"

Katie McFarlane, RA UK

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